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Your Biblical worldview is not a hurdle to overcome.

We all hold to various worldviews - the perspectives through which we view and interpret the world around us. Our worldview has a profound impact on how we function in life and in the workplace.

If you hold a Biblical worldview, you view the world around you as God's creation. You see other people as image bearers of God and strive to treat them with love, patience, and kindness. You see the Bible as authoritative and turn to it for guidance when it comes to morality, ethics, conduct, priorities, and much more.

If you work in the general marketplace, it's likely many (or even most) of your co-workers hold a variety of worldviews. You may see these differences highlighted through policy decisions, how people treat one another, or even through the language used in general conversations.

While showing up as a Christian in a setting that rejects Christ Himself is challenging, it's important we don't start to see our Biblical worldview as some piece of heavy baggage we begrudgingly carry through our life and our career. Your Biblical worldview is not a hurdle to overcome. Sure, it presents real (and expected) challenges in a fallen world and workplace, but it's a gift – the gift of truth and the gift of walking into those challenges under the Lordship of your Creator.

You get to live in the joy of the knowledge of God.

You know that anxious feeling you can get when you don’t know what’s going to happen?

Maybe there have been discussions of layoffs at your company, and you must wait several more weeks before you know if your team will be impacted.

Perhaps your teenager is obviously struggling through something big but isn’t willing to talk about it, leaving you in the dark and feeling helpless to provide support.

Economic uncertainty and inflation might have you wondering what the next few years will look like for your family and/or your business.

Life is full of questions and uncertainties. Imagine if, in addition to these day-to-day questions, you had no idea how to answer life's biggest questions. Questions like:

Why are we here?

What is my purpose?

Who is really in control?

I think we take for granted what a gift it is to know God. We get to live in the joy and peace of the knowledge of God through His Holy Word and through our relationship with Him.

You get to carry a lighter burden.

In addition to the peace found in the knowledge of God, you get to carry a much lighter burden than your peers. It’s not that you face fewer challenges or are more capable and adept at navigating the hard things. No, it’s not about you. It’s about Him. You get to carry a lighter burden because you walk with the Lord. You get to rest comfortably in the awareness of your shortcomings, understanding that the Creator of the universe is in control. You get to rest in Jesus and the knowledge that He has already won the ultimate battle. Your humble role is simply to keep His commands and glorify Him daily through the means, gifts, and opportunities He has placed in front of you.

I think we take for granted what a gift it is to know God.

As you walk in the light and the knowledge of your worldview, remember this gift isn’t just for you. God’s promises are available to all who choose to follow Him.

How can you represent Christ fully and accurately within your workplace?

What opportunities might you have to plant a seed and pray the Holy Spirit will be at work within those you spend your working hours with?

You are guided by the steady authority of Scripture.

Our source of authority matters. Where we turn for ethical guidance impacts all areas of our lives. It drives our conduct. It determines the things we get behind and the things we fight against. We can often feel we aren't on the same page as the rest of the world. As Christians, we aren't meant to be.

We seek the ultimate authority of God through the Scripture. There is comfort and steadiness in that. Our Creator gave us a wealth of wisdom through His Word, which is not a perishable fad. It doesn't change with man's opinion or feelings. It does not expire. We can depend on it and look to it for wisdom at all times. And that's not where His care for us ends. He also gives us the Holy Spirit as a guide. He is a steady authority we can depend upon.

Thank you for showing up as a representative of Christ in your workplace. You are facing very real challenges. Don't let the challenges of today distract you from the joys of life in Christ and the promises for tomorrow. The specific worldview you hold to, based on Biblical truths, is not a burden. It's a gift.


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